Grow your business and reward your customers for being loyal

We help you keep a steady flow of customers which will always have a reason to visit your shop again.

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Why are we the best choice?

Reward your customers

Reward your loyal customers and motivate new customers to come in!

Incredibly easy to use

Start a new campaign, export your codes and you're done. Yes, it's that easy.

Real time data

You'll know when a customer scans a code no more than a few seconds after they scan it!

Fully customizable QR Code

Oh just wait till you see the possibilities!

No app needed

We made your customers life easier, no need to download any app to get rewarded.

Multiple ways to reward your customers

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Choose a giveaway campaign type which allows your users to enter a giveaway for anything you might be giving away. You can allow single or multiple entries!

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Point Collector

Your customers collect points which they may redeem for promotions or products. You may redeem any amount of points from any customer!

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Lucky Ticket

Generate as many winning tickets as you wish and leave the rest to fate! Your customers will know right away when they scan a winning code.

Infinite customization

Stand out from the crowd and impress your customers with these beautiful fully customizable QR Codes. You can even put your company logo on a code!

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sample code
sample code

How it works

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You start a new campaign

A campaign allows you to keep track and manage your customers, but most importantly, this is how you generate codes.

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Distribute the codes

Distribute the codes among your customers, either digitally or physically.

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And the rest is up to your customers

Customers will scan the codes, and your rewards will encourage them to visit your store again!